Our goal is simple: to provide balanced, comprehensive, evidence-based communications to inform and engage all stakeholders and to drive change in healthcare and life science.  Our strategic communication service begins with a thorough analysis of primary and secondary research and the current healthcare landscape, to identify gaps and opportunities. We take meticulous approach to develop the core story for the therapeutic, device or treatment algorithm.  We then identify the appropriate channels to target the right audience and to maximize reach and alignment.

Communicating to investigators and healthcare professionals

We aim to provide complete and balanced scientific and medical information to those involved in the investigation, administration, education and commercialization of health technology.  We work with our clients to develop the scientific platform and strategies to drive awareness and alignment with the efficacy, effectiveness, safety and value data.

Projects we have completed include:

  • Clinical trial communications from phase I to phase IV
  • Publication planning to drive new product launches and indications
  • Medical publication development
  • Communication for advisory boards, scientific and medical consultations
  • Post-marketing analyses and systematic reviews
  • Communication for congresses, conferences, symposia and seminars including submissions and post-event reviews

Communicating to regulatory authorities

We can help you make sense of the complex regulatory process through our custom solutions. We provide strategic guidance regarding FDA, Health Canada, MHRA and EMA regulatory requirements for global clinical development and registration of drugs, biologics, and medical devices and over the counter products. Our process includes reference compilations and stringent reviews of applications, amendments and supplements, as well as management of period and annual reports.

The kinds of projects we handle include applications for investigational testing, new drug submission, marketing authorization, and biologic and medical device licensing.

Communicating to payers

We help develop the value story for your therapeutic product, device or combination, beginning with a thorough analysis of the scientific and clinical data and collaborating with payers and other stakeholders to develop and refine the value message. Our services include global value dossier development and updates, annual reports and stakeholder engagement presentations.

Communicating to patients, caregivers and consumers

When communicating to consumers, patients and caregivers, conveying reliability, understanding and empathy is as important as relaying balanced, complete medical and consumer information.  Communicating to this group should drive compliance through collaboration, adoption through demonstration, and alignment through transparency.  Our past communication projects include content for patient support group campaigns and website and mobile application content for therapeutic products and medical procedures.

We work with the following client types:

  • Manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals, biologics, biosimilars and medical devices
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Pharmacies
  • Academic research centers
  • Government agencies

We also partner with:

  • Contract research organizations
  • Advertising agencies
  • Consultancies

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