Education & Edutech

Our Education and Edutech services include design, planning and delivery of innovative programs to build expertise and confidence in virtually any type of learner. Our needs assessment includes an 80-point analysis of factors specific to the learning program, target audience, health technology, and organizational structure and culture. Our intention is not only to develop a learning program, but to determine the best way to drive organizational and behavioral change from the programs’ content.

We work with subject matter experts or scientific committees (either provided by the client or us) to develop the required content, evaluations, and follow-up activities and performance measurements.

For our edutech services, our team of experienced learning developers and designers combine content with images, audio, video, animation and/or gamification to create an engaging, interactive program for desktop or mobile use. We aim to design programs which reflect trainee learning styles and organizational culture.

Education and edutech services for healthcare professionals:

  • Continuing Health Education program decks
  • Non-accredited medical education program materials
  • Train-the-trainer/superuser training programs

Education and edutech services for field representatives:

  • Therapeutic area backgrounders
  • Field representative training materials
  • Product/device training (including competitor training)
  • Clinical data analyses and reviews

Formats include:

  • Micro-learning or full-length modules
  • E-learning and m-learning

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